I have been wearing a hairpiece for the past 47 years. I think I am very qualified to make the following comments: Having been through the thick and thin with several hairdressers, stylist or whatever you wish to call them, I finally was fortunate to find one that is far superior than all in the past and that one is “Christopher’s Hair Restoration”. When my own family and friends as well as other professional hairdressers cannot tell that I am wearing a hairpiece (my choice of restoration) then that becomes certified proof of the highest quality and satisfaction at a surprising very reasonable cost compared to what is offered by others. I am so impressed that I would be willing to allow anyone who is interested in bettering their appearance, to be present and witness first hand my monthly service. Just like going for a regular haircut. That is of course, if Christopher’s will approve.
Ask for Carmen or Chris and mention my name “Ray” and they will know.(By the way, this is very sincere and in no way a paid commercial!)
Ray Lepore

Great place and I've been to a lot of places. Very private and besides showing me before and after photos, they have hair replacement system themselves! I was shocked! To be honest that's what won me over seeing their hair close up.
Tim Gorden

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